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The Highlander’s English Bride
The Lairds Most Likely Book 6
By Anna Campbell

An impossible pairing…

Hamish Douglas, the mercurial Laird of Glen Lyon, has never got along with independent, smart-mouthed Emily Baylor. Which wouldn’t matter if this brilliant Scottish astronomer didn’t move in the same scientific circles as Emily and if her famous father wasn’t his mentor. But when Emily looks likely to derail the event which will make Hamish’s career, he loses his temper with the pretty miss and his recklessness leaves her reputation in ruins.

A marriage made in scandal…

Emily has always thought her father’s spectacular protégé was far too arrogant for his own good. But what is she to do when the only way she can save her good name in society is to wed the unruly laird? Reluctantly she accepts Hamish’s proposal, but only on the condition that their union remains chaste. That shouldn’t be a problem; they’ve never been friends, let alone potential lovers – except that after they marry, Hamish reveals unexpected depths and a host of admirable qualities, and he’s so awfully handsome, and now the swaggering rogue admits that he desires her…

From the ballrooms of London to the grandeur of the western Highlands, a battle royal rages between these two strong-willed combatants. Neither plans to yield an inch – but are these smart people smart enough to see that sometimes the greatest victory lies in mutual surrender?


London, late October, 1822

Emily gestured for Hamish to sit, accepting that she wasn't going to throw him out. Raising her chin, she injected false cheerfulness into her tone. "It will all blow over."

He didn't shift from where he stood. "No. I don't think it will."

Nor did she. Not really.

Feeling cornered, she backed away and curled one hand over the back of the chair she'd been sitting in. "We didn't do anything wrong."

No trace of his usual smile lit the deep blue eyes he leveled on her. Nor did he sit down, which meant he still loomed over her like a mighty cliffside. "The world sees it differently."

She sliced the air with a dismissive hand. "I'm a spinster lady past marriageable age and up until this point, I've had a spotless reputation. Outside the scientific community, nobody even knows I'm alive."

She hid a wince as more of that dratted compassion softened his gaze. Hamish Douglas would not feel sorry for her. She would not permit him to.

"The scientific community includes many of society's darlings. Only the great and the good have the money to dabble in arcane matters like the discovery of comets."

A realization struck her, and not a particularly pleasant one at that. "You're worried for your own reputation."

He didn't even flinch. "I am indeed. I hope one day to be Astronomer Royal. At the very least, I plan to spend the rest of my life working with the men who witnessed our downfall."

She wanted to object to his use of the word "men," but they both knew how few women carved out a scientific career. Influence in London's intellectual circles was a masculine prerogative.

"I'm sorry your ambition has suffered a minor setback," she said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Hardly minor. A man with a dishonored name is unlikely to reach the peak of acclaim. Don't mistake me. I also care about the damage to your name. These things are always worse for the lady, however much I wish that wasn't the case. But nor am I blind to the harm all this talk will do to my hopes."

Emily hid another wince. She felt small for mocking him.

As a woman, she'd always be an outsider in the scientific community, however clever she was. Hamish had started with a disadvantage that was almost as fatal. He was Scottish, and he'd arrived in London with no connections in the world he aspired to dominate. But because he was a man and because he had an exceptional brain, he'd made his way so successfully that when he spoke of becoming Astronomer Royal, it didn't sound like hubris.

"I'm sure they'll forgive you in time. You just need to keep your nose clean from here on in."

With visible regret, he shook his head. "They'll forgive me after I make amends for my sins."

She frowned. "Are you going away until it all dies down?"

"That would be something."

"So you're here to say goodbye to Papa?" Both of them knew that if Hamish went into extended exile, Sir John Baylor wouldn't live to see his return.

She felt a pang at the idea of him going. Which was mad when he'd caused her so much trouble.

Hamish's chiseled jaw set in a determined line, and a muscle flickered in his lean cheek. "No."

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I woke him. He always loves to see you. Although I'm not sure how alert he'll be."

One large, capable hand made a sweeping gesture. "Yes, I'll need to talk to him. But, Emily…Miss Baylor, you misunderstand me. I'm not here to say goodbye. I'm here to ask you to become a permanent part of my life."

Oh, no… Not this. Not this.

Her knees turned to water, and she gripped the back of the chair so tightly that her knuckles went white. Icy dread trickled down her backbone. Surely he couldn't mean what she feared he did. "Hamish, I…"

He rushed on before she could finish. Nor did he sound any happier to say what he did than she was to hear it. "Miss Baylor, I'd count myself the luckiest man in England if you will consent to become my wife."

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Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell is an Australian historical romance writer. She’s published 11 multi award-winning novels for Avon and Grand Central, and 24 books as an independent author. Her books have been translated into 24 languages. She’s currently working on a series featuring roguish Highland heroes, called the Lairds Most Likely. The Laird's Willful Lass, The Laird's Christmas Kiss, The Highlander’s Lost Lady, The Highlander’s Defiant Captive, The Highlander’s Christmas Quest, and The Highlander’s English Bride. Look out for The Highlander’s Rescued Maiden later in 2020.
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