Tuesday 17 November 2020

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By Judith Arnopp, Cryssa Bazos, Anna Belfrage, Derek Birks,

Helen Hollick, Amy Maroney, Alison Morton, Charlene Newcomb, Tony Riches, Mercedes Rochelle, Elizabeth St. John, Annie Whitehead

November 17th - January 19th

Publication Date: November 17, 2020

Publisher: Historical Fictioneers

Page Length: 486

Genre: Historical Fiction

Betrayal, treachery, treason, deceit, perfidy—all names for the calculated violation of trust. And it’s been rife since humans trod the earth. A promise broken A mission betrayed A lover’s desertion A parent’s deception An unwitting act of treason Betrayal by comrades Betrayal by friends Could you resist the forces of misplaced loyalty, power hunger, emotional blackmail, or plain greed? Is there ever redemption, or will the destruction visit future generations and even alter history? These questions are still with us today. Read twelve tales by twelve accomplished writers who explore these historical yet timeless challenges from post Roman Britain to the present day.

Our first stop of the tour is over on Deborah Swift's official blog where Mercedes Rochelle has written a fabulous guest post about Richard II.
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