Monday 14 December 2020

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By Love Divided(The Lydiard Chronicles Book 2)By Elizabeth St.John

December 7th – December 18th 2020

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Book Title: By Love DividedSeries: The Lydiard Chronicles, Book 2Author: Elizabeth St.JohnPublished: October 2017Publisher: Falcon HistoricalPage Length: 381Genre: Historical Fiction

London, 1630.
Widowed and destitute, Lucy St.John is fighting for survival and makes a terrible choice to secure a future for her children. Worse still, her daughter Luce rejects the royal court and a wealthy arranged marriage, and falls in love with a charismatic soldier. As England tumbles toward bloody civil war, Luce’s beloved brother Allen chooses to fight for the king as a cavalier. Allen and Luce are swept up in the chaos of war as they defend their opposing causes and protect those they love.
Will war unite or divide them? And will they find love and a home to return to—if they survive the horror of civil war. In the dawn of England’s great rebellion, love is the final battleground.
A true story based on surviving memoirs, court papers, and letters of Elizabeth St.John's family, By Love Divided tells of the war-time experiences of Lucy St.John, the Lady of the Tower. This powerfully emotional novel tells of England's great divide and the heart-wrenching choices one family faces.
Check out this fabulous 5 star review by The Books Delight.
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