Monday 9 October 2017

The Land of King Arthur ~ St Nectan's Kieve #Arthurian #legend #Cornwall.

Is there anything more beautiful than a waterfall?

Waterfall in St Nectan's Glen, Trethevy, Cornwall ~ Wikipedia

St Nectan Kieve and St Nectan

The Holy Martyr Nectan ~ Wikipedia

It is said that Saint Nectan built a hermitage above this waterfall in the 6th century. Legend has it that he would ring a silver bell during storms and high seas to warn passing ships to watch out for the rocks at the mouth of the Rockey Valley.

St Nectan's Glen, Trethevy, Cornwall ~ Wikipedia

, there is no evidence that Saint Nectan ever had a hermitage here, but it is a good story. Sadly, Saint Nectan lost his head when he confronted the two robbers who had stolen his cows. The story goes that after the robbers had separated Saint Nectan from his head, Nectan got up, picked up his head walked back to his well where he promptly collapsed and died. One robber lost his mind when he witnessed this, the other buried Nectan, from then on in, miracles occurred at the sight of Nectan's grave.

St Nectan's Kieve and King Arthur

The Trevillet River in Saint Nectan's Glen ~ Wikipeidia

Another story tells of how the bravest and the most noblest knights of King Arthur once came to this spot. With heads bowed at the foot of the waterfall, they prayed to God before they set off on the ultimate quest to search for the Holy Grail.

Is there any truth in the story of Arthur's knights?

I very much doubt it, but St Nectan's Kieve is certainly beautiful enough to lend itself to such legends.


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