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Uther's Destiny:
A Light in the Dark Ages Book 3
By Tim Walker

Fifth century Britannia is in shock at the murder of charismatic High King, Ambrosius Aurelianus, and looks to his brother and successor, Uther, to continue his work in leading the resistance to barbarian invaders. Uther’s destiny as a warrior king seems set until his world is turned on its head when his burning desire to possess the beautiful Ygerne leads to conflict. Could the fate of his kingdom hang in the balance as a consequence?

Court healer and schemer, Merlyn, sees an opportunity in Uther’s lustful obsession to fulfil the prophetic visions that guide him. He is encouraged on his mission by druids who align their desire for a return to ancient ways with his urge to protect the one destined to save the Britons from invaders and lead them to a time of peace and prosperity. Merlyn must use his wisdom and guile to thwart the machinations of an enemy intent on foiling his plans.

Meanwhile, Saxon chiefs Octa and Ælla have their own plans for seizing the island of Britannia and forging a new colony of Germanic tribes. Can Uther rise above his family problems and raise an army to oppose them?

Book three in A Light in the Dark Ages series, Uther’s Destiny is an historical fiction novel set in the Fifth Century - a time of myths and legends that builds to the greatest legend of all – King Arthur and his knights.

This book is preceded in the series by Abandoned (book one) and Ambrosius: Last of the Romans (book two).

The Coffee Pot Book Club Review

"Death with honour means more to me than living on in disgrace!"
The History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth


The Saxons keep on coming like an evil plague. They bring nothing but blood, fire, and death. Something must be done to stop them.

Uther Pendragon, the newly crowned King of the Britons, is determined to end the Saxons' ambitions and send them back to where they came from. His every desire is to see the Kingdom at peace.  But then he meets Ygerne and everything changes. War takes second place to lust. Uther will have what he desires regardless of the cost to himself, his nobles, and to his nation.

Merlyn is reminded of a prophecy about a boy who will become King. Sensing an opportunity he gives Uther what he wants and the Kingdom of Britannia what it needs. But Merlyn has many enemies and they will stop at nothing to make sure the prophecy never comes true.

I have read Gefforey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain many times. Uther's Destiny (A Light in the Dark Ages Book 3) by Tim Walker is a refreshing retelling of the story of Uther and the boy who would be King.

Uther Pendragon is one of those characters who you are not to sure you should like that much. He is a self-centred King, who always gets what he wants. I thought Mr Walker portrayed him beautifully.  Uther is a very flawed character but that makes him all the more believable. Merlyn, who is also pivotal to this story, manipulates events in order for the prophesy to come true. He, like Uther, is not the most likeable of characters. But then, he wasn't in the stories of old either.

I thought the depiction of the Saxons was wonderful. It was great to have the perspective of both sides of the story. This really gave the story depth and kept the pace fast and engaging.

I thoroughly enjoyed  Uther's Destiny (A Light in the Dark Ages Book 3), and if you enjoy Arthurian fiction then this should definitely be on your 'to read' list!

Tim Walker
Tim Walker is an independent author based in Windsor, UK. Tim’s background is in marketing, journalism, editing and publications management. He began writing an historical series, A Light in the Dark Ages (set in the Fifth Century), in 2015, starting with a novella set at the time the Romans left Britain – Abandoned. This was followed in 2017 with a novel – Ambrosius: Last of the Romans, and the third installment, Uther’s Destiny, has just been released in March 2018.

His creative writing journey began in July 2015 with the publication of a book of short stories, Thames Valley Tales. In 2016 his first novel, a futuristic/dystopian thriller, Devil Gate Dawn was exposed on the Amazon Scout programme prior to publication. Both titles were re-launched with revised content, new covers and in print-on-demand paperback format in December 2016.

In January 2017 his first children’s book, The Adventures of Charly Holmes, co-written with his 12-year-old daughter, Cathy, was published. In September 2017 he published a second collection of short stories –Postcards from London.

Tim loves to hear from readers, you can find him: Website Newsletter sign-up  Amazon Author Page Facebook  Twitter

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