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Check out J.P. Reedman's fabulous #NewRelease — I, Richard Plantagenet, The Sequel Part 1: The Road From Fotheringhay #HistoricalFiction @StoneLord1

 I, Richard Plantagenet,
The Sequel Part 1:
The Road From Fotheringhay
J.P. Reedman

The Wars of the Roses rage. In Fotheringhay Castle, young Richard of the House of York, youngest son of Richard Duke of York and his wife Cecily Neville, has his first bereavement—the death of his baby sister, Ursula.

This loss is only the first of many in the life of a child caught up in that most bitter conflict of cousins, the Wars of the Roses.

At seven, Richard is at Ludlow castle with his parents and older siblings; hostilities suddenly flare and his father and eldest brothers are forced to flee, leaving Richard, his brother George and sister Margaret to face the Lancastrian army alongside their mother. The little family is taken captive by the Duke of Buckingham and held at one of his properties. Luckily, he is married to Cecily’s sister Anne, so their confinement is a relatively easy one, although subject to ‘stern rebuke.’ Nonetheless, prisoners they are. However, soon the Duke of Buckingham is slain in battle—fighting against Richard’s eldest brother, Edward, a handsome giant of 6ft 4, in what is his first major battle.

For a while the York family is safe in London and the Duke returns from abroad—now intent on claiming the throne. But the Queen, Margaret of Anjou, is determined that he will never supplant her young son and when Duke Richard heads north, hearing of unrest, he is lured into battle before the walls of Sandal castle and slain while his second son, Edmund, is murdered, age just seventeen.

Fearful for her youngest boys but cool-headed even in her grief, Cecily Neville sends them out of the country to Burgundy. Duke Phillip has agreed to their presence but is not overly enamoured of such controversial guests for he does not wish to seem partisan.  So Richard and George are confined to a remote castle partly under construction.

But then welcome news arrives— two great battles have been fought at Mortimer’s Cross and Towton, and their brother Edward, taking revenge for the deaths of their father and brother Edmund, has claimed the throne. The boys return to England as King’s brothers—and soon both are made Royal Dukes.

The Wheel of Fortune has turned again for Richard as he is sent away for knightly training at Middleham, one of the castles of Edward’s strongest supporter, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick. There he meets friends who will become lifelong supporters—young Francis Lovell and Robert Percy. Yet when King Edward and Warwick fall out over the King’s secret bride, the commoner Elizabeth Woodville, unrest creeps into his life yet again….

The childhood of the boy who will grow to be King Richard III, told from his first-person perspective.

Prequel to the I, Richard Plantagenet series.
Kindle version 0.99 time-limited introductory offer!


J.P. Reedman

Born on the West Coast of Canada, J.P. Reedman now lives in the shadow of Stonehenge. A writer since the age of 5, when she wrote her first story about Cleopatra, she now write historical fiction and historical fantasy, with a little bit of general fantasy thrown into the mix. Favourite periods are medieval England, particularly the Wars of the Roses era, and prehistoric Britain. J.P.  also writes about figures associated with her hometown of Amesbury, such as Queen Eleanor of Provence, Eleanor of Brittany and the naughty nun Mary of Woodstock, all of whom were buried in Amesbury (and are now lost!) J.P’s I, Richard Plantagenet series about Richard III  has been called ‘a new Ricardian classic’, and in the future there will be an offshoot series about various members of the House of York.

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