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Have a sneak-peek between the covers of Isaac Samuel Miller's fabulous book – Just Get Up #SelfHelp #Spiritual @justgetup


Publication Date: 8/31/2019
Publisher: Koehlerbooks
Page Length: 238
Genre:  Self-help/spiritual

Abandoned by his father at the age of seven, Isaac Miller embarks upon a thirteen-year journey to fight his way out of a life of crime, drugs, mediocrity, and poverty. Using his teenage imagination and work ethic as his guide, Isaac provides for his family, including his schizophrenic mother, and fights his way to becoming an entrepreneur at the age of seventeen. Through his story, Isaac demonstrates how you can start with nothing and still live your dreams. Just Get Up teaches you how to capture your own life's dreams through exposing your inner genius. 

MOST PEOPLE HAVE ASKED THESE questions at some point during their lives: “What are my talents and how do I discover my gifts?” “How can I become motivated?” and “How can I stop being a procrastinator?” It’s human nature to ponder these questions; however, you must identify your own true passions to unlock the secrets to these questions. Have you identified your most valuable gift and its connection to your purpose in life? It’s possible that you haven’t used all of your talents, or maybe you haven’t discovered the true potential of your inner genius. Just like a car, you have unique features and abilities, but in order to maximize the performance of your life’s vehicle, which represents you, you must investigate and challenge your abilities in order to identify the potential that is buried alive inside of you. You have a gift, and after you complete this necessary adventure with me, you will discover things about yourself that will literally make you unstoppable! 

You are privileged to be one of the approximately 7.7 billion people who are still alive on our planet! Out of these billions of people, what is your life’s role? Do you know? You must identify your life’s role in order to discover your gift of value. Your gift of value holds the key to discovering your true passions in life, and living your dreams!

Don’t make a settlement with your life by pursuing a life that’s not a part of your dreams. If you make a settlement with your life, it will produce a state of recurring discontentment, and feeling unfulfilled will often surface at the most inopportune times during your life. Living an unsatisfying life can easily be traced back to an individual’s failure to discover their life’s true identity. Remember, all of us have goals and dreams. In fact, without goals and dreams, our lives would be empty and depleted of the growth that’s needed for us to feel competent, and happy in our own skin. 

No human who has ever walked on this planet, has successfully mastered how to run away from the passions that constantly pull at our hearts. Remember this: “Success is an opportunist, and every time you’re reminded of the things that only you know and desire, whether you’re aware of it or not, your heart is beating to remind you to create an opportunity to wholeheartedly pursue your passions.” Look at it this way: there are over 7.7 billion channels for the universe to operate through. You may be wondering, what is your channel? 

You have something that you were born to do, and if you’re not tuned in to your channel, you will miss out on your life’s journey of discoveries. However, it’s important for you to know that no one can tell you what your channel should display because it is a personal discovery process. However, I can show you how to begin to tune in to your life’s channel. 

When your life’s channel is fully manifested, you will know! How will you know? It will lead to wealth, riches, happiness, fulfillment, inner security, joy, peace, love, confidence, greatness, wisdom, and rewarding relationships. How much you discover about your channel depends on how much time you spend watching it. Remember, there are twenty-four hours in a day, and the amount of time you spend tuned-in to your channel will dictate how much you discover about yourself. 

Our universe is like cable TV, and the universe provides us with a plethora of channels, so many that we could never watch them all! What channel is your life currently on? Is your life even turned on, or have you powered it off? If you’re spending large amounts of your time watching other peoples’ channels, please stop immediately! You have too much to learn about yourself. Your goal, moving forward, is to reactivate your life’s channel or upgrade your channel. You’re capable of adding new phenomenal episodes and stories to your life’s channel. Your life’s channel should reflect a legendary TV marathon! 

Not to sound harsh, but any one of the 7.7 billion TV series being aired today, can easily cease to exist at any moment. If your life’s journey ended today, would you be overwhelmingly satisfied with how far you’ve traveled in your life? Your life’s journey could come to an end within the next two minutes, two hours, two months, or two years. So, before your life airs the final episode, you owe it to yourself to manifest your inner genius, which will lead to your life being legendary!

Before you can fully explore the discoveries throughout your Just Get Up experience, it’s important for you to take a tour through my life’s journey to manifesting my geniuses. It’s imperative for you to digest the gems from my first three chapters before your journey intensifies. My experienced strategy of overcoming adversities has equipped me with the faculties that are needed to help you. Your adventure has begun, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for tuning in to start my Just Get Up program.

Isaac Samuel Miller is an American traditionally published nonfiction and fiction author. He’s the author of Just Get Up: And Manifest Your Inner Genius, The Music Within Your Heart, Against the Grain, and he has a collaborative book entitled, Experts & Influencers: The Leadership Edition. When Isaac turned eleven, he was determined to provide for his sick mom and to escape poverty, so he set out on a journey to fight his way to success. Eventually this led him to becoming an entrepreneur at seventeen-years of age. He has over fifteen-years of experience as an entrepreneur. 
Isaac works as a licensed strength & conditioning fitness trainer, sales coach, author, and self-development/business speaker. He has a bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation & Leisure Studies along with a minor in Physical Education. He’s an active member in his community, he gives his time freely through preaching and delivering various Bible discourses as a Minister. He’s an award winning author of the following book awards: The Coffee Pot Book Club Self-help/Spiritual Gold Medal book of the year award for 2020, 2020 Dragonfly Book Award winner in self-development, and he received an official badge as a 2019 book award semi-finalist in the I & I nonfiction category for the Chanticleer Book Awards.

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