Saturday 16 September 2017

New Release ~ Postcards from London #historical #contemporary @timwalker1666

Postcards from London
By Tim Walker


The city of London is the star of this collection of fifteen engaging stories from author Tim Walker. Drawing on the vivid history of the city where he has both lived and worked, Postcards from London celebrates the magnificently multifaceted metropolis that is home to 8.8 million people.
Imagine Iron Age fishermen, open-mouthed to see Roman galleys, rowed by slaves, dropping anchor at their village - a place the Romans would turn into the port and fortified town of Londinium. These Romans were the first of many men of vision who would come to shape the city we see today.

London’s long and complex history almost defies imagination, but the author has conjured citizens from many familiar eras, and some yet to be imagined. Turn over these picture postcards to explore his city through a collage of human dramas told in a range of genres. See the tumult of these imagined lives spotlighted at moments in London’s past, present and, who knows, perhaps its future.

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About the author

Tim Walker is an independent multi-genre author based near Windsor, in the UK. This book, Ambrosius: Last of the Romans, is part two in a three-part historical fiction series under the series title, A Light in the Dark Ages. Part one, Abandoned! is available from Amazon, with part three, Uther’s Destiny, soon to follow.

He has also written and published a children’s book, The Adventures of Charly Holmes, co-authored with his daughter, Cathy; a book of short stories, Thames Valley Tales, and a dystopian thriller, Devil Gate Dawn.
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