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Today on The Coffee Pot Book Club - #HistoricalFiction author, Tony Riches, is talking about his fabulous new book — Raleigh – Tudor Adventurer (The Elizabethan Series, Book 3) @tonyriches


Raleigh – Tudor Adventurer
(The Elizabethan Series, Book 3)
By Tony Riches

Publication Date: 1st May 2022
Publisher: Preseli Press
Page Length: 332 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction

Tudor adventurer, courtier, explorer and poet, Sir Walter Raleigh has been called the last true Elizabethan.

He didn’t dance or joust, didn’t come from a noble family, or marry into one. So how did an impoverished law student become a favourite of the queen, and Captain of the Guard?

The story which began with the best-selling Tudor trilogy follows Walter Raleigh from his first days at the Elizabethan Court to the end of the Tudor dynasty.

Writing Raleigh – Tudor Adventurer

Tudor adventurer, courtier, explorer and poet, Sir Walter Raleigh has been called the last true Elizabethan.

This journey began more than ten years ago, when I decided to find a fresh approach to the story of the Tudors. I began with Welsh servant Owen Tudor’s first meeting with the widowed Queen Catherine of Valois, and followed the ‘thread’ of the dynasty through successive generations.

I dealt with the complex character of King Henry VIII by ‘seeing’ him through the eyes of his sister, Princess Mary, his best friend, Sir Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and the woman who could have become his seventh wife – Queen Catherine Parr’s best friend, Lady Katherine Willoughby.

I chose three favourites of the queen for my Elizabethan series, who each saw different facets of her personality. Sir Francis Drake showered her with gold and jewels, stolen from the Spanish, in return for the status he longed for. Sir Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, was like the errant son she never had, but Raleigh became her protector, Captain of the Guard, and lived to see the last days of the Tudor dynasty.

and followed him across the Irish Sea to the bustling city of Cork, where he served in the English Army of occupation. I also visited the peaceful harbour at Youghal, where he had a house called ‘Myrtle Grove’ and became Mayor.

My research uncovered a comprehensive collection of original letters and poetry written by Raleigh. As well as helping me understand the often complex timeline of events, they also gave me a sense of his ‘voice’, and his feelings towards the queen and others of her court.

I relied on the comprehensive records of the Elizabethan Court, which set out events in fascinating detail. I was also lucky to read ‘A Woman of Noble Wit’, a new novel by Rosemary Griggs, about Raleigh’s mother. This led me to explore Walter Raleigh’s relationship with his father, as well as his mother, an aspect of him largely ignored by historical biographers.

My hope is that Raleigh – Tudor Adventurer will help readers see beyond the myths and half-truths, and have a better understanding of the man who has been called the last true Elizabethan.

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Tony Riches is a full-time UK author of best-selling historical fiction. He lives in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and is a specialist in the lives of the Tudors. He also runs the popular ‘Stories of the Tudors’ podcast, and posts book reviews, author interviews and guest posts at his blog, The Writing Desk. 

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