Monday 27 March 2017

Researching The Du Lac Chronicles ~ #Cornwall #amwriting #Arthurian

“You don’t need another book on the Saxons and the Celts.”

"I could argue with you, but I won't. What I do need to do is head back to Cornwall!"

Writing isn’t just about locking yourself in a room, sitting down in front of a computer and typing a story — if only it were that easy. No, that is not how it works at all because at some point a writer, no matter what genre they write in, is going to have to do some research. I spend more time researching that I do writing and sometimes it is about really obscure things ~ the history of cobblestones is one thing that immediately comes to my mind. I am still waiting on that pub quiz! But, sometimes, I find, I have to get out of the house and actually visit the places that I am describing. I am lucky because I write about Britain in the Dark Ages and I live in Britain — England to be exact.

Book 3 of The Du Lac Chronicles, which I am currently writing, is, for the most part, set in Dark Age Cornwall. I love Cornwall, I mean who doesn't? I had come to a point in the story where I really wanted to go back to Cornwall so that I could soak up the atmosphere.

"It is for work purposes," I told my husband. 

I don't think he was fooled. I love Cornwall. Any excuse to visit. 

So I packed the kids, and the husband, in the car and off we went to Tintagel. Tintagel, it is said, was where King Arthur was conceived. Of course, with all things Arthur, it most likely isn’t, but Geoffrey of Monmouth said it was, so it must be right…?!

This sculpture of Arthur is a whopping 8 feet — maybe Briton really was once ruled by giants. Who knew?!
Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures. Tintagel is quite the tourist attraction, so we got there for opening, and although there were a few people around, it wasn’t too busy. It did mean we had Merlin’s Cave to ourselves for at least five minutes!!

Isn't it great?! At high-tide the cave fills with water.

Despite having an opening either end of the cave, it is still pretty dark and I must admit, I turned my phones torch on because yes, that is right, I don't like to be in a cave in the pitch dark!

The beach, where the cave can be found, is equally impressive!

Then we braved the steps up the castle itself. There are a many steps, be warned, they are not even, but the higher you climb the greater the views are!

I felt the need for a black horse so I could go galloping across the cliff face like Poldark does!!

I came back feeling refreshed and ready to crack on with my story. But I think I may need another trip down to Cornwall soon. Bodmin Moor is calling me!!!

The Du Lac Chronicles

“Chivalry is hanging in by its fingernails and treachery is in the air…”
Tony Riches ~ author of The Tudor Trilogy

“If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones and/or The Vikings, you’ll love the back-stabbing/political jockeying in The Du Lac Devil.”


The Du Lac Chronicles is set a generation after the death of King Arthur, and it follows the fortunes and misfortunes of Lancelot du Lac's sons

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