Tuesday 11 June 2019

Check out this fabulous #NewRelease — Between the Tides: An Anthology #FantasyRomance #ParanormalRomance @mallidalli

Between the Tides
 An Anthology

Jolanthe Alexander • Grace Augustine • Andi Lawrencovna • Marj Ivancic •Jennifer Daniels • T.M. Payne • Darlene Kuncytes • Linda Boulanger • Karen Vaughn • Kali Willows • L.J. Vickery • Genevieve Gornicec

When you stand beside the water, listening to the waves, what is it you feel?

Calm? Rage? Hope? Despair?


The sea is a place where every emotion can be felt, every crash of the waves upon the shore a match to the beating of your own heart, no matter what is going on inside it.

“Between the Tides” is just that. A beating heart that rushes at you from the shoreline, and dares you deeper into the waves. Do the depths of the ocean offer a sweet respite from the world around you? Or are the snow fed lakes in the mountains that place where you can go to create an ice wall around your heart, or perhaps break it asunder?

Come with us where the creatures of the deeps and the shallows, creatures out of myth and legend, come to life and drag you into the waves.

Who knows, you might get lost on a pirate ship or carried away by a kracken...

The only way to navigate the shores is to travel:
Between the Tides

A word from author, Grace Augustine

When I began this crazy writing thing 6 years ago, I had no intentions of doing anthologies, writing paranormal, or fantasy. I wanted to write romance! And I did, until… I strayed…
I hooked up with some fabulous authors for Stoking the Flames II—an anthology all about dragons. The cover to my story, SECRETS OF DALGAARD CASTLE, is up for best cover on Authorsdb.
Next thing I knew, there was another anthology. This time an 8-10,000 word short story in a 3 month published book, KALEIDOSCOPE HEARTS—no longer in publication.
And, here I am again, in an anthology with eleven other amazing authors. Our stories are all about the creatures who live under the water.

This anthology is that beating heart rushing to you from the shoreline, daring you deeper into the water. The only way to navigate the shores is to travel Between the Tides.
Make this journey to where the creatures of the deep and shallow, creatures of myth and legend, come to life and pull you into the waves. Beware, however, you may be held captive on a pirate ship, or carried away by a Kraken.
If you enjoy fantasy, paranormal, and, of course, romance, I encourage you to fall into the water and explore these incredible stories.

Pick up your copy of
Between the Tides

Grace Augustine
Author and Editor, Grace Augustine, resides in Iowa with her older son and teenage cat, Bou. She enjoys acrylic painting on canvas, old movies and 70's music. Grace has written 21 books, to date, in multiple genres, including a self-help book about her journey with multiple sclerosis.

Connect with Grace: WebsiteFacebookTwitter.

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  1. Beatrice Rivers12 June 2019 at 17:35

    Such a beautiful cover! I am certainly intrigue by this, I may just have to pop over to Amazon!


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