Thursday 18 February 2021

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It is with the greatest of pleasure to welcome the co-founder of Aspects of History, historian and archaeologist, Oliver Webb-Carter back onto The Coffee Pot Book Club.

Mary Anne: It's good to talk to you again, Oliver. Can you update us on what is happening at Aspects of History?

Oliver: Our second issue has just gone live, featuring pieces by Simon Sebag- Montefiore, Ben Kane and Caroline Scott. It would have been nice to toast publication in earnest and have a party with our contributors, but we were understandably unable to do so. The champagne is on ice, however, for when we can arrange a gathering. Response to the first issue has been great. Sales, subscriptions, and the mailing list numbers are above expectations.
Writers and readers alike have been in touch to say how much they like the look and content of the magazine. Our second wave of Author Platforms has gone live and it's pleasing that new and independent writers, as well as bestselling authors and publishers, are getting in touch. We are just in the process of putting together our third issue. I am pleased to say that the historical crime novelist Andrew Taylor has just emailed to say he would like to be interviewed.

Mary Anne: It's apparent that Aspects of History is more than just a magazine. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you and your team do?

Oliver: The world of publishing has changed over the past couple of decades, and we wanted Aspects of History to reflect these changes. Mainstream publishing still furnishes us with some great books but the routes to market - and the market itself - have shifted, partly due to Kindle. New voices can and should be heard. As well as being a magazine and website for bestselling authors to raise their sales and profiles, Aspects of History is dedicated to helping independent authors produce and promote their works, from pitch to publication. We offer manuscript/proposal guidance. We also provide publishing services - including cover design, formatting, editing - so that books by independent authors can be professionally published, whilst writers still retain their rights and royalties. We can also help historians and historical novelists launch their books by promoting their titles through our site. We would also encourage any author to use The Coffee Pot Club to gain exposure and readers too, of course. There is more info on our website, but if you are an author looking to secure an agent, publish or promote a novel then do get in touch. 

We need to walk before we can run, but the long-term aims of Aspects of History are to launch a YouTube channel, arrange writing competitions and provide promotional services like Bookbub.
We are indeed more than just a magazine. 

Mary Anne: You cover different genres and periods in the magazine and on the website. Are there any gaps you would like to fill, however?

Oliver: That's a good question. We have already put together a great cast list through our Author Platform programme, but we are a broad church. Authors such as Deborah Swift and MJ Porter have recently come on board, but we would love to sign-up more female historical novelists. My background is in archaeology and ancient history, so I am always on the look-out for historians and historical novelists who write about Ancient Greece and Rome. I have also enjoyed reading our second issue, containing plenty of content devoted to Medieval history. Ben Kane has been interviewed by JA Ironside, David Carpenter has written about Henry III, James Burge has written about Heloise and Abelard and the bestselling historical novelist Richard Foreman has furnished us with a great short story, A Knight's Tale, set on the eve of the First Crusade.

We have just started approaching a mixture of historians and historical novelists to write blog pieces on the site, in order to provide extra comment and content. We are happy for authors to get in touch to pitch ideas, although please do check out our website and magazine beforehand to get a sense of what we are looking for.

History needs you, as both readers and writers.

If you would like to find out more about Aspects of History, then head over to their website! 

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