Friday 27 May 2016

Annowre the Sorceress and the Legends of King Arthur

“Now shall ye hear what was the cause that King Arthur came into the Forest Perilous, that was in North Wales, by the means of a lady.”

Sir ThomasMalory knew that in order for there to be a protagonist there must also be an antagonist. And so it is true with Arthur, but it was not just Mordred, that Arthur had to watch out for!

Arthur has many enemies, but when it comes to women, he really knows how to attract trouble. Annowre falls in love with the young King and entices him into her home, which is set deep in the heart of the Perilous Forest. She is intent on seducing him, but Arthur, being virtuous, refuses her advances. 

But a woman scorned is a dangerous woman, especially when she is a sorceress. Annowre plots Arthur’s death in the way only a sorceress can ~ with skill and cunning.

Annowre once again enchants Arthur. He feels compelled to ride into her perilous forest every day, and every day he is forced to fight for his life. Arthur’s future is looking bleak.

“Then the Lady of the Lake that was always friendly to King Arthur, she understood by her subtle crafts that King Arthur was like to be destroyed.”

Thankfully, The Lady of the Lake hears of Arthur’s desperate situation and is moved to pity. With the help of Sir Tristan, they race to Arthur’s aid, arriving just in time to stop Arthur from becoming a head shorter.

Arthur pursers Annowre ~ finds her ~ and puts an end to this nonsense once and for all. Without a head on her shoulders, Annowre is a no longer a threat.

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