Saturday 28 May 2016

New Release ~ The Shadow of a King @cgray129

The Shadow of a King

by C.M.Grey

Legends of old can never fade…

The truth can never die…

The tip of a spear settles any dispute…

But the love of a King, well… that comes before all…

King Uther Pendragon, High King of all the Celtic tribes,

in his fifteenth year of rule, is set a quest by Merlyn and

the Druids of Mona to brave the winter seas and set sail

for the Isle of Erin.

The quest placed upon the King, despite the tribal lands

being at war with Saxon invaders, is to take a war party and

return with a prize that will lay to rest the ghosts of the past

and allow the Celts to reclaim their lands.

However, none of those that set sail quite realise what this

quest will release within their King and what events

will unfold...

 Where can I purchase this fabulous book?


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