Monday 5 December 2016

5* #bookreview from Readers' Favorite for The Du Lac Devil.

I am so excited to receive a 5* review from Reader's Favorite 
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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite  -- 5 stars

The Du Lac Devil is the second book in The Du Lac Chronicles by Mary Yarde, a story with a compelling historical setting and a drama that will surprise fans of fantasy. Saxon Britain is on the brink of war. Kingdoms fall under the might of the Wessex King, Cerdic. Only the Du Lac family can stand up to him, but the family suffers from internal discord which can play to their great disadvantage. Merton is a great warrior whose interests are very unpredictable. Will he join the ranks of the Du Lacs and stand against the invading king or will he follow his personal interests? This is a series that features a family saga, political intrigue, and war.

Mary Yarde has woven a compelling story with a beautiful setting, a story that features an equally compelling conflict. The reader is introduced to the key characters in the very opening pages of the story and the conflict comes across as a great hook. The Du Lac Devil combines great writing with storytelling skills to keep the reader's eyes riveted on the pages. The writing is clear and beautiful and the descriptions are vivid, painting a picture that readers can easily visualize as they read. The dialogues flow naturally and they help to deepen characterization and to enhance the plot. I also enjoyed the narrative voice which came through as strong, clear, and confident.Yarde creates characters that are real and memorable and a story that readers will love to share.

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