Tuesday 26 March 2019

Have you heard? #Historical #Mystery author Mark C. King has a fabulous new book out — The Moss Maiden of Kinderhook #NewRelease @MarkCKingAuthor

The Moss Maiden of Kinderhook
By Mark C. King

Kinderhook, New York

If monsters are real, then anything is possible.

Like all his peers, seventeen-year-old William Sharp grew up hearing fairy tales about the Moss Maiden, a folklore creature that rewards the good and punishes the wicked. But those were just stories to scare children…weren’t they?

Then why are people dying? What is haunting the forests of Kinderhook Village?

Though frightened and overwhelmed, William will uncover secrets that will call on him to do more than he could imagine. He’ll have to contend with horrors beyond his most disturbing dreams.

For the sake of his family, the girl he loves, and his very life, William will have to face the nightmare that is the Moss Maiden of Kinderhook.


After changing into her nightgown, Marie put out the lantern. She crawled into the bed that her and her mother shared and moved in close to try and glean some warmth. She thought about waking her and telling about all that had happened, but Marie knew that it would be a wasted effort. Her mother would be completely useless until the morning, and even then, not all that much better.

Once again, the difficulty of her existence struck hard and she pulled the covers tight to her nose. Most nights, Marie accepted her situation and simply chose not to dwell on it. That night, however, terror mixed with bitter loneliness, and her situation kicked her as hard as a mule. To suffer so much because of other people’s mistakes was an unfairness that was hard to reconcile. She hated her father and did not feel much kinder about her mother. Both of them had abandoned her, albeit in different ways.

The only thing that made existence bearable, the only thing that kept her from falling into despair, was William’s friendship. She shuddered to think what she would do, what she would be, without him. She may have been very lonely, but she was not completely alone. That thought was about the only thing that seemed to keep her sane.

All the more so that night, since monsters were evidently real.

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Mark C. King

Mark King is an easy-going writer with a talent for finding enjoyment in most any situation. He’s a lifelong reader whose literary interests include historical fiction, science fiction, adventure, thriller, and mysteries.  He grew up in California, but now lives in upstate New York with his wife.  When not working or writing, he can be found watching movies, having fun with friends, eating ice cream, and of course reading.

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  1. Hi Mark, thank you for this opportunity. Your book sounds amazing. I think the folklore creature that scared me the most was the Minotaur.

    1. Giveaway is now closed. Beatrice, you have won a copy of The Moss Maiden of Kinderhook! Congratulations!!

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