Thursday 14 March 2019

We are celebrating the new release of #HistoricalFiction author, R.C. Sprague's, fabulous book — Once Left the Field of Valor #NewRelease @RCSpragueWriter

Once Left the Field of Valor
R.C. Sprague
Pulled from the clutches of death, Lieutenant Damien Shaw falls victim to the will of fate. After all his soldiers are killed in battle he is riddled with guilt and searching for purpose. Damien finds a blood-stained envelope that holds a German soldier’s death letter addressed to his lover. The discovery sparks a series of debilitating flashbacks and nightmares that threatened to unhinge Damien. Not sure what to do with the letter Damien considered burning it, but the letter has a hold on him. It leads him on a grueling journey of penance to present it to its intended recipient. Damien’s sanity, future, and very life are tied to where the letter steers him.
This addicting page turner is filled with action, suspense, romance, and perseverance. It will keep you on edge to the very end and leave you wanting more.

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Once Left the Field of Valor

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R.C. Sprague

R.C. Sprague is an author, writer, lyricist, and poet. He writes in various genres of fiction including historical, mystery, YA, fantasy, and general fiction. He also dabbles in non-fiction, professional leadership writing, and sports writing. A native of Florence, Kentucky whose travels have taken him to New York, Boston, Tokyo, Hawaii, Kabul, and countless places in-between. He currently lives just outside of Tokyo, Japan with his wife and three daughters.
“I write what I’m passionate about while looking for inspiration in all aspects of life.”
-R.C. Sprague
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