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Beguiling the Baron

By Elizabeth Keysian

Beware reclusive barons. They are more hot-blooded than you’d expect.

A man who lurks day and night in an eerie tower must have something to hide. So thinks Galatea, governess to Lord Ansford’s love-starved young daughter. Galatea’s new employer is objectionable, stubborn, great-hearted, handsome and, curse it, well worth saving from himself.

He proves her right with some shocking physical encounters, adding tinder to the blaze of her growing love for him. But just as the barriers between them are crumbling away, the tower crashes down.

With Lord Ansford inside it.


“Good God, what’s digging needles into my leg?” Lord Ansford jumped up in alarm as a small, dark object propelled itself from his lap to the ham on his plate. With impressive speed, he seized the silver cover from the sideboard and clamped it down on top of Polly’s kitten, which mewed its resentment.

“What,” he inquired in icy tones, “is this?”

Seeing his furious face but also aware of the sounds of feline eating coming from beneath the cover, hysteria threatened. “I fear it is Polly’s kitten,” Tia gasped.

An aristocratic eyebrow arched upward. “Indeed? Aldergate!”

At the footman’s almost immediate appearance, her amusement was doused by a wash of fear. What did the furious aristocrat plan to do with Polly’s pet?

Ansford handed both plate and cover to the bemused servant. “There is a live animal beneath here. Deal with it, if you please.”

Tia watched in horror as the hapless creature was whisked out of the breakfast room. She turned anxiously to Ansford, who was glowering at the unwelcome interruption to his breakfast.

She couldn’t bear it. “You won’t kill it? Please, my lord, don’t. It has given Polly such pleasure.”

The look he turned on her froze her to the marrow. With the briefest of nods, he turned his back on both her and Mama and stalked out of the room.

A lofty silence descended. Eventually, Mama exclaimed, “Well, I never!”

“I thought he was improving. But I was wrong—the baron’s as hard-hearted and rude as ever.” Tia’s temper rose.

Mama shot her a worried look. “What do you think he’ll do?”

“I’d like to say he’ll eventually see the humor in the situation, but I fear Ansford would choke and suffocate if he attempted to laugh, he’s so unused to it. He’ll probably have the kitten drowned.”

“Oh no, you don’t think so? Polly will be devastated.”

Of course, she would. Tia would be too. “I don’t believe Lord Ansford understands about tender feelings.” She heaved a heartfelt sigh. “His own died with his wife.”

“I hope you’re mistaken, but he seemed excessively angry with us. Do you think he’s a bit peculiar in the head?”

“That wouldn’t surprise me at all. Now, I’d best hurry up and see how many French verbs I can get Polly to conjugate before she learns of her kitten’s demise. When that news reaches her, we’ll have to abandon the curriculum for at least a week.”

Unless, of course, she was brave enough to tackle Lord Ansford. Again.

But in his present mood, how could she do so without risking the fate of all those she cared about?


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Bestselling author Elizabeth Keysian adores history and archaeology, and writes romances that give the reader an experience of travelling back in time.

She feels very British-despite her Viking ancestry-and loves creating rich backdrops for her stories based on real places and actual experiences. She used to be a re-enactor, so has sampled the living conditions, clothing, and smells of the past. She’s also sampled the food, which was actually pretty good.

Her characters battle their problems with both tears and laughter, but she always guarantees them a Happily Ever After, no matter what she’s put them through.

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