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#HistoricalFantasy author, Luciana Cavallaro, is talking about what inspired her to write her fabulous book — The Labyrinthine Journey #TimeTravel @ClucianaLuciana

What inspired me to write
 The Labyrinthine Journey
By Luciana Cavallaro

Thank you, Mary Anne, for inviting me to your blog and for allowing me to park myself here, while I appropriate your audience’s attention for a few minutes or so. I must admit, it has been a little difficult organising my thoughts for this article, I’ve been distracted by my ‘other full-time job’, which I am trying to avoid from being all consuming.
Enough self-pity, let’s move onto more important business… my inspirations.
My Servant of the Gods series was inspired by the myth of Atlantis. I had read Charles Berlitz book Atlantis—the lost continent revealed when I was 15, some decades ago now. For a 15-year-old, who grew up in country Western Australia, it was a mind-blowing experience, to learn about the various technologies and sophistication of a race of people who predated the engineering prowess and excellence of the ancient Greek and Romans, and that of the Persians. It whetted my appetite to learn more about these extraordinary people and it was my first foray into Greek mythology.

I didn’t know it then, that it would be the basis of my stories or that I would even write fiction. English was not my best subject at school, I was quite average, but I did love to read and enjoyed creative writing. I didn’t pursue writing until my sister and I went on a Contiki tour of Europe and visited the Colosseum. Walking through this amazing piece of engineering and through the Roman Forum woke my creative juices, and the motivation to write Historical Fantasy.
I enrolled to study Ancient History via online, as I still had to work and earn an income. The units in the course provided me with the breadth and depth of content and knowledge of the ancient world. Though to this day, I am always studying and learning about our world’s history. It is astounding what continues to be uncovered by archaeologists and revealed by historians.
It was during this course I was introduced to Herodotus—Father of History—who was dubbed by latter ancient historians, the Father of Lies, an unfair label in my opinion. He was the inspiration behind one of the short stories in Accursed Women—The Curse of Troy—and for a novella series I am currently working on. I refer to his Histories a lot, and enjoy his colourful interpretation of the various places he visited.

Homer’s Iliad and The Odyssey, also inspired my writing, though I had read Homer’s epic poems long before I began my Ancient History course. The sections where the narrative of the gods and their interplay between each other and interference with the humans, pivotal to Homer’s story, were a key factor when I was outlining the plot for my series. I wanted to capture their essence and involvement in the plight of the humankind, both good and unscrupulous actions, for this was what I fell in love with, their mythologies, and their humanistic foibles. They were relatable in their behaviour, yet untouchable for their immortality and unique abilities.

What I hope to do in my writing, is provide readers with stories that are informative, fun and action-packed. An added bonus for me, is if I can reveal a world that has been lost to us, by delivering a vicarious experience for the reader.
Thank you for reading.

The Labyrinthine Journey

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Follow Evan as he continues his odyssey as Servant of the Gods in The Labyrinthine Journey. The quest to locate the sacred object adds pressure to the uneasy alliance between Evan and the Atlanteans. His inability to accept the world he’s in, and his constant battle with Zeus, both threaten to derail the expedition and his life.
Traversing the mountainous terrain of the Peloponnese and Corinthian Gulf to the centre of the spiritual world, Evan meets with Pythia, Oracle of Delphi. Her cryptic prophecy reveals much more than he expected; something that changes his concept of the ancient world and his former way of life.
Will Evan and his friends succeed in their quest to find the relics and stop the advent of Christianity?

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Luciana Cavallaro
Historical fiction novelist and a secondary teacher, Luciana Cavallaro, likes to meander between contemporary life to the realms of mythology and history. Luciana has always been interested in Mythology and Ancient History but her passion wasn’t realised until seeing the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. From then on, she was inspired to write Historical Fantasy.
She has spent many lessons promoting literature and the merits of ancient history. Today, you will still find Luciana in the classroom, teaching ancient history and promoting literature. To keep up-to-date with her ramblings, ahem, that is meaningful discourse, subscribe to her mailing list by clicking over to her website.
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