Friday 8 April 2022

Are you looking for a compelling saga of love, sacrifice and powerful family bond? If so then check out Glenda Young's fabulous novel — The Miner's Lass #Historical #Romance @flaming_nora


The Miner's Lass

By Glenda Young 

Publication Date: 28th October 2021
Publisher: Headline 
Page Length: 384 Pages
Genre: Historical Romance Saga

'You're a Dinsdale lass, Ruby. Nothing and no one keeps us lot down.'

A life of poverty in a cramped pit cottage is all that seventeen-year-old Ruby Dinsdale has known. Even with her father and younger brother working at the coal mine, money is tight. Her mother Mary is skilled at stretching what little they have, but the small contribution Ruby makes from her job at the local pub makes all the difference. So when Ruby is sacked, and Mary becomes pregnant again, the family's challenges are greater than ever.

When charming miner Gordon begins to court Ruby it seems as though happiness is on the horizon, until she uncovers a deeper betrayal than she could ever have imagined.

But although the Dinsdales are materially poor, they are rich in love, friendship and determination - all qualities that they will draw on to get them through whatever lies ahead.

'Real sagas with female characters right at the heart' 
Jane Garvey, Woman's Hour

'In the world of historical saga writers, there's a brand new voice' 
My Weekly

I live in the northeast where my saga novels are set in the coalmining village of Ryhope, where I was born and bred. You don’t need to know Ryhope to enjoy the books, which have a feisty, young heroine at their core. The novels are gritty sagas, inspired by my love of soap opera, really dramatic with lots of action and some wonderful female characters! There's a lot of warmth and humour too. All of my books are standalone and you can read them in any order. 

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  1. And yet another book to add to my growing collection. My bank account does not thank you, Mary Anne, nor does my husband!!!!

  2. I love books like this. I can't wait to read it.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous cover. Another book to add to my to-read list.


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