Monday 6 February 2017

New Release ~ The Thread That Binds Us #womensfiction @joan_fallon


The Thread That Binds Us


Joan Fallon


Have you ever had a secret that you cannot tell anyone - even your closest friend? Susan’s childhood was full of secrets - ‘Don’t tell anyone,’ was her mother’s favourite phrase. So when she discovers that her father had had an illegitimate child, called Michael, she instinctively knows she can’t tell anyone.

But Susan isn’t a child anymore - she is a middle-aged woman who is keeping secrets from her husband in her search to find her half-brother. The need to know more about Michael becomes an obsession and she soon becomes enmeshed in a web of lies and deceit as she tries to track him down.

When she and Michael finally meet, Susan is faced with a dilemma - she can walk away and forget about him or she can tell her family and face the consequences.

'...As for the plot - it is as exciting and page-turning as any Murder Mystery or Psychological Thriller. And just when you think you have sussed out everything - there is some new discovery or you are confronted by another viewpoint on a complicated situation…
A family secret can have as much impact as a dastardly crime and this one has many layers and unpredictable surprises.’
Sophie Meredith (author)

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About the author

The Scottish author, Joan Fallon, began her career as a writer after moving to Spain at the start of the new millennium; her first published work was a social history, 'Daughters of Spain', inspired by the women she met in her new home. The research for this book in turn encouraged her to write the following two novels: 'Spanish Lavender', which is set in Malaga during the early years of the Civil War and 'The House on the Beach', the story of two young women growing up in Franco's Spain. Her subsequent novels have grown out of her experiences living and working in Spain.
She is a member of the Society of Authors and the Alliance of Independent Authors.
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