Thursday 2 February 2017

Robin Hood and his — how many merry men??! #history #folklore

It has been a little bit quiet on the blog these past weeks, and I do apologies for that. I am rather caught up in writing Book 3 of The Du Lac Chronicles, but I haven't forgotten you, I promise!

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know that I had just started to research the life and times of Robin Hood late last year, but what with the release of The Du Lac Devil and Christmas, I got a little side-tracked, but I am back on the straight and narrow, and I am keen to find out more about the elusive Robin Hood.

Let's have a quick recap of what I have talked about before and if you have missed any of the posts you can catch up!

Robin Hood & King Richard ~ the strangest alliance in history. 

Continuing from where I left off, I want to have a look at Robin’s band of merry men.

I wonder, how many merry men can you list?

Little John ~ the tall guy who was good with a stick.
Friar Tuck ~ the monk.
Will Scarlett ~ the bad tempered one.
Much the Miller's son ~ the simpleton.
Maid Marion ~ Robin’s bride.

How about...?
David of Doncaster

Can you think of any more?

In the coming weeks I am going to be looking closely at Robin's band of merry men ~ I am so excited to learn more about this motley crew, I hope you are too!


  1. Haven't heard of David of Doncaster. Marion didn't turn up till about the late 15th century, I think, as part of the May Day Games. Will Stukely? Will Scathelock? (Though he might be Will Scarlett, unless that's just in Robin Of Sherwood, can't recall.) Thing is, in the ballads, Robin meets up with a jolly(fill in the occupation). They fight. He loses. He says, "You're a good bloke, want to join my gang?" And they do. And they aren't usually named.

    1. "Your a good bloke, want to join my gang?" ROFL!


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