Sunday 17 April 2016

A most unusual interview - Mary Anne Yarde @Its_CCHogan

 Just a quick post today.

I was kindly invited to appear on author, C.C. Hogan's, blog.  But, there was a catch.  You see, C.C Hogan does things a little bit differently on his blog and he gives a whole new meaning to what an author interview is!

This was the mandate he set before me.

"Stripped Bare is an occasional column where authors and other creatives are given the chance to expose themselves to the world in unusual and creative ways."

It had to be creative. So, after staring vacantly at a wall for over an hour, I suddenly had a light bulb moment.

I would transport myself into the pages of The Du Lac Chronicles and have an audience with Alden du Lac - the hero of my story. 

Click on the link below and check out this very, tongue-in-cheek, short-story!

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