Monday 25 April 2016

Book Spotlight - Voyage Of The Dragon @Madog1170

Voyage of the Dragon: Into the unknown... 

(The Madog Trilogy Book 2)

Let's give a warm welcome to historical fiction author, David Pryce. David will be back on the blog, later in the year, to talk about his inspirations behind his book. But in the meantime, let's take a look at his new book...
 It's 1170 and seeking to turn their backs on bitter sibling rivalry and infighting, Prince Madog and his companions head out into the unknown, looking for a new life and a ‘New World’.

On the way they will encounter an arrogant and dangerous lord, an ambitious bishop, a future king, an Irish hating giant psychopath, and a vindictive Icelandic chieftain, whilst all the while being trailed by a deadly Welsh mercenary.

Will Prince Madog and his fellow travelers make it to the mystical land far to the west? Can they even make it out of Europe? 
Where can I buy this fabulous book? 

About the author
David Pryce was born and bred in North Wales; after graduating from The University of Leeds with a Mining Engineering degree, he spent the next seven years living and working in Southern Africa, which gave him ample opportunity to indulge in another of his passions – wildlife photography ( After living in California for a couple of years, he moved back to the UK working for a specialist Africa travel company in London. He currently resides in Colorado, but returns to North Wales on a regular basis to visit family and rediscover his intrinsic ‘Welshness’ This also affords him the opportunity to get some proper fish and chips and a decent cup of tea! You can visit David online at and connect with him on twitter @Madog1170  

  Book 1 in 'The Madog Trilogy' is also available on Amazon

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