Wednesday 9 March 2016

Guest Post - author E.S.Moxon talks of her inspirations @word_seeker

Today, I welcome fellow Dark Age Historical Fiction author, E.S. Moxon, onto my blog.


Blood, betrayal and brotherhood.

An ancient saga is weaving their destiny.

A treacherous rival threatens their fate.

A Seer’s magic may be all that can save them.


 Where did the inspiration behind your book come from?

I’ve had many things inspire me as a writer. I have several childhood memories of visits to prehistoric sites whilst on various holidays around the British Isles. Those sparked my interest in archaeology and history. And then there was my Italian grandfather, to whom I have dedicated ‘Wulfsuna’, who was rather a rogue in his youth and would regale us many times over with his exploits. These adventures invariably involved a wild boar, snakes or snow, all of which are in abundance in the Dolomites. I’m certain he influenced my yearning to tell tales!

As for specific influences for my ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series, the purchase of some Rune stones and the coverage of the discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard were major factors. I wanted to know who the treasure belonged to and who had buried it (not necessarily the same people?). I tried to imagine who might have owned a particular sword and how many generations it had been passed down through before it was hidden beneath the ground. As for the Runes, the symbols and their individual meanings attributed to various gods and powers gave me insight into the people who wrote with them and divined their future with them. They also gave me the title of my book series, which is based on the Runic symbols for Thor and Tiw.

I would have to say that research and contact with archaeological artefacts continue to inspire me. Research can throw up fascinating articles on subjects I would not have specifically read in relation to my novels, leading me in new and exciting directions. Sometimes the things you stumble across become the best parts of your writing. And holding or using ancient objects can change or greatly enhance your view of the past.

Finally, I must mention other authors. For all the times you feel like giving up or that your writing lacks worth, other authors have been there to support me. You might not always share your worries, but on seeing another author’s achievement you can be inspired to keep going. And with the wonders of the web, these authors can be hundreds of miles away, but their problems are the same as yours and together you solve them.

Where can I buy this fabulous book?

About the author.

Elaine writes historical fiction as ‘E. S. Moxon’ and is a member of the Historical Novel Society. Her debut ‘WULFSUNA’ was published by SilverWood Books in January 2015 and is the first in her ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series. A Seer and one named ‘Wolf Spear’ are destined to meet throughout this series of Saxon adventures.

She is currently writing her second novel, set once again in the Dark Ages of 5th Century Britain. You can find out more about book 2 from Elaine’s website where she has a video diary charting her writing progress. She also runs a blog of her own, as well as being a regular posting author on the English Historical Fiction Authors blog. Elaine lives in the Midlands (UK) with her family and their chocolate Labrador.


  1. Very good blog. I am always curious about authors' inspirations. I have added "WULFSUNA" to my to-read list!

  2. Thank you! Every Wednesday I feature a different author, so be sure to check back in!!


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