Thursday 10 September 2020

Check out T.J. Wray's fabulous book — Our Teenage Years: Growing Up in a Small Town in the 80's (My Life #1) #memoir @TJamesWray

Our Teenage Years:
Growing Up in a Small Town in the 80's
(My Life #1)
By T.J. Wray

This is the first book in the (My Life) series. This book is about two best friends growing up in their teenage years in a small town. All the wild adventures and stories from my childhood, after my parents divorced and we went on the run for 11 years. This book includes my first job, girlfriend, prom, driver's license, my first car and many other first we all did in our teenage years. It's a fun-filled adventure about being a teenager, epic road trips and best friends. But really this book is just about LIFE. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. Please enjoy

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Highly Recommended

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Our Teenage Years

T.J. Wray

I am a single dad with two kids. I am currently working on my next book. I own and operate a tow truck for a living. My kids are my whole world, everything evolves around them. I like to work out and go fishing. Or take my kids to a ball game. I restore old muscle cars in my spare time. Also, I love to ride my motorcycle and read books.

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