Thursday 9 July 2020

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I Never Left

By Tasha Brown

I Never Left by Tasha Brown is the pilot Novella for a new series Between Realms.

Helen Sadler was a victim in a drunk driving accident, it left her with no memories of her life before waking up in the hospital. On returning home she discovers she is haunted. Unsure of just what is happening to her, she enlists the help of TV Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Investigator Scott Miller.

Helen tells Scott that she has witnessed books flying off the shelf, a ghostly apparition and strange light anomalies. Scott is both excited and intrigued by her story, he loves everything paranormal and promises to investigate, but first he wants to get to know his client. A local prison is the first place they visit, just what will the event tell Scott about her?

The mystery of Helen’s home will become a journey of self-discovery. Can Scott discover why the spirit is interested in Helen?



About an arms-length from the staircase, that strange feeling began to crawl across her back, her anxiety crept to the surface, sending her heart racing, her skin flushing with goose bumps. No, she did not like that feeling, it meant something, but she didn’t know what. Helen waited for a gap to descend the stairs, feeling a strong tugging sensation, like someone was pulling at her shoulders. Turning thinking someone was behind she found no one. The fear must have shown on her face because several of the hunters who were stood to her left, suddenly moved, allowing her down. Gripping the railing and thankful they had allowed her to leave, Helen stepped quickly, turning at the bottom and finding Scott holding the door open.

“Is that the way out?”

He barely had time to nod before she raced through. “Let me out!” she gasped. “LET ME OUT!”


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Tasha Brown

Tasha Brown lives in the South West of England, she published her first book in 2018. Her new genre choice followed after her own recent paranormal experience, which led her to join a paranormal team on their investigations, all over the country.

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