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Check out Natalia Richards' fabulous book — The Falcon’s Flight: A novel of Anne Boleyn, Book #2 #HistoricalFiction #Tudors @nat_wieczorek


The Falcon’s Flight

By Natalia Richards

Anne Boleyn's life is threatened, intrigue, gossip and treachery abound, and her destiny is finally revealed.

A young Anne Boleyn and her sister are sent to Paris to attend Mary Tudor, the new Queen of France. Unclear where her loyalties should lie, Anne soon makes an enemy of the queen. When the widowed Mary returns to England, Anne stays on in France to serve the new queen, Claude, but Anne's sister's actions put the girls' new court career at risk.

A dangerous love affair follows and Anne finds an unlikely ally in the French king's mistress.

But nothing ever goes to plan...

The Falcon’s Flight is the second part of Natalia Richard’s vivid retelling of Anne Boleyn’s early life. Book one, The Falcon’s Rise, vividly portrayed Anne’s early life in England, and at Mechelen with Margaret of Austria. The Falcon’s Flight takes us on to Anne’s ever eventful life on the continent.


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Natalia Richards

As a curator and historian for over 30 years, Natalia have worked in many museums in Derbyshire and later in London. She also worked free-lance for the History Channel USA as a researcher, co-ordinator, and interviewer on the award-winning production 'Secrets of War.' However, her passion since a very early age has been the study of the Tudors, particularly Anne Boleyn and the court of King Henry VIII. 

She did not begin writing seriously until around 2008 and originally planned to write about Anne Boleyn at the English court. However, a great deal had already been written about this period, and she began to look at Anne’s earlier life from the period 1500 to 1514. Since research as a curator has always been Natalia’s passion, she wanted to write as factual a novel as possible and spent years visiting sites such as Blickling in Norfolk, Hever Castle, Rochford Manor, and the palace of Margaret of Austria, in Mechelen, just outside Brussels. It was here that Anne was sent as a young maid-of-honour, and Natalia was honoured to gain access to rooms not normally open to the public. The result of her research was The Falcon's Rise, her first book. She has followed it up with part two The Falcon's Flight, covering the period 1514-1521, which will be published on 19 May 2020. She had a wonderful time in France researching this book and visiting the château Anne herself knew. She hopes you enjoy reading about these places as much as she enjoyed writing about them.

In her spare time, Natalia loves travelling, rambling, and visiting historic houses, as well as constantly reading and researching the Tudor period.


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Title: The Falcon’s Flight

Author: Natalia Richards

Publication Date: 19th May 2020

Publisher: MadeGlobal Publishing 

Page Length: 474 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction


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